Brits Nissan is a Nissan Franchise. We pride ourselves on the fact that we rival competition when it comes to service and support. We are proud to sell only excellent quality New Nissan vehicles and quality-approved used vehicles.

Our Vision and mission

To be regarded as the best dealership in the Automotive Industry as judged by our customers.

We have a passion for people: We aim to employ and develop competent and inspirational individuals that strive to be great and achieve success, personally and in business. As a team we strive to give our customers an unprecedented and exceptional ownership experience that culminates into sustainable and longstanding relationships.

Our Philosophy

Our first commitment is to our customer satisfaction. Our continued efforts will focus on care for our existing customers and developing new customers to enhance our company values.

Our Values

  1. Empower our people.
  2. Never compromise on agreed standards.
  3. Create an open and risk taking environment within which people can challenge the status quo.
  4. Raise the expectations of ourselves consistently.
  5. Display trust, integrity and honesty at all times.
  6. Demonstrate care and respect for our customers, suppliers and employees.
  7. Enhance skills and capabilities of all our people in a spirit of enthusiasm and harmony in the workplace.
  8. Firmly establish sound structures throughout our organisation to guarantee sustainability.
  9. Teamwork and joint accountability.
  10. Strive to always improve our company by maintaining discipline, safeguarding property, developing skills and knowledge and performing our duties diligently and professionally.


  1. A 160-point check
  2. Full-service history
  3. Mileage verification
  4. Balance of Warranty
  5. And balance of service plan for each and every vehicle